TRX Suspension Training

With the ability to modify resistance by adjusting body position, TRX workouts are safe and effective for people of all fitness levels. Think of TRX training as Pilates on your feet. Displace your center of gravity to truly challenge your core.

TRX Suspension Training

TRX Circuit

A short series of strength sets with cardio intervals and little rest in between. This approach is effective for calorie burning and cardiovascular endurance. Ideal for participants accustomed to sport specific or bootcamp style training or for those who enjoy pushing themselves to the limit of their own ability.

TRX Circuit

TRX Body Blast

Movements using the TRX integrate strength and balance into a single dynamic format that taxes the core and maximizes the benefits of bodyweight exercise for faster results. Ideal for those participants new to TRX group fitness and for those who enjoy the fun and high energy of coordinated movements like dance.

TRX Body Blast

GTS Reformer

This 55 minute reformer series offers clients the opportunity to receive private, semi-private or small group Pilates evolved classes. Our GTS system personalizes Pilates for differences in height, strength and flexibility allowing optimum success at executing the exercises correctly regardless of level or experience.


No previous experience required. An introduction to the basic Pilates principles and techniques, with emphasis placed on precision and control. Pacing is slow, and awareness of subtle details is taught while executing movements to facilitate progression.

Beginner II

This class is suitable for those with previous Pilates experience. Beginner ll will explore the complete beginner repertoire while linking the exercises together, allowing a flow from one exercise to another. Progression occurs with the ability to maintain concentration and focus while performing the exercises. Some intermediate exercises will be introduced.


This class is designed for those with a strong understanding of Pilates concepts and who have mastered all of the basic exercises and are ready for a new and challenging experience. This level adds multi-movement exercises, which require more coordination, stability and strength.

"Hard Core" Ball Pilates

Ball Pilates Ball Pilates teaches us to use the whole body, especially the core, to maintain balance and coordination. The mobility of the exercise ball targets underutilized muscles, recruiting both deep and superficial abdominal muscle fibers to give rapid results. This challenging workout requires muscle control and postural awareness for those ready for an elevated level of Pilates fitness.


Prenatal Pilates helps expectant mothers keep up with their fitness routines in a small group class. Along with keeping you healthy Prenatal Pilates classes will help you maintain muscle tone, decrease back aches due to poor posture, and help you to bounce back much quicker after delivery.

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